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DT week in 6B

Sketch Nation Create

This morning you will be writing a blog post about your experiences using Sketch Nation Create.

Your post should include:

– How you came up with the idea for your game
– How you planned your game
– How did you develop and test your game
– How you could improve your game further

You also need to include a link to your game. To get this you will need to login to Sketch Nation Create, select your game and then choose ‘share game’. You then need to copy the URL into a hyperlink on your blog post.

Before you submit your post for review, check you have covered everything above.

SPaG revision – Subjunctive form

SPaG revision – Co-ordinating conjunctions

SPaG revision – Subordinating conjunctions

SPaG revision – Active and Passive voice

Spag revision

Today we have been working on SPaG and we had to work as a table and we had a massive piece of paper and our table worked on prefixes and also we had to write all about it and we had to go on other tables to see what they have been working on.The maximum of word we had to do is 20 words. Then after we had a test on Kahoot then we had to rate on how you felt on the quiz.

CGP Books

Dear Mrs Yates,

I would like to confirm that after we have finished a whole selection of CGP books do we come back in school and return them to you, so u could have a look at them. E. G READING BOOK 1,2 ,3 ?



Yours sincerely, Humaiza Mushtaq☺